The Sybar Trio

Day 1: To Crystalbrook and the Sildaine

The count of Sybar had called upon those of the city in need of coin to represent the concerns of Sybar due to attacks from blue fey. The area is divided between humans and elves that do not agree on anything, so the party was supposed to be diversified.

The diversity was there, tiefling, dragonborn, and elf, but no human chose to come along.

They arrived in the middle of a blue fey attack, routing them soundly. Bolas and nets could not slow the heroes from thinning the ranks of the evildoers. When the last two surrendered, they freely gave the name of their mistress – Soryth.

The town leader spoke of her missing son Orlando, while later the elven leader looked distraught without his daughter Julian.

To the Crystal Cave, a place of oracular magics, but seemingly little else did the two go, and now the Sybar Trio follow, in hopes of unifying the elves and humans against the true threat of Soryth.


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